Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic Plus Digital to Analogue Convert, Black

Wireless Connectivity
Twin Wolfson 24-Bit DACs



Lower 48 U.S. States


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Exactly how important are quality D-to-A converters? The answer’s simple. Next to your studio monitors, converters are a very powerful a part of your monitoring chain. If truth be told, budget converters can kill the sound of even the most efficient studio monitors. That is what’s so cool about the Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus – it will give you world-class digital-to-analog conversion, without the inflated price tag. Here’s another cool thing about the Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus: it’s built to work with any roughly rig. It has got both coaxial and optical digital inputs, so you’ll take the digital output of your interface, or you’ll hook it right up to your computer via USB and take the feed straight from your DAW.

Wireless Connectivity
Twin Wolfson 24-Bit DACs
AFT2 Upsampling
Asychronous USB Input
Doubles as a hard-working digital preamplifier

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